Kinetic Audio Transmissions

This installation uses audio signals to create kinetic movements in motors. The audio vibrations are transmitted through the motors and into resonant objects such as drums, which amplify the audio recordings. At the same time that the audio recordings are transmitted and amplified into the drums, they also cause other motors to tremble and shake in kinetic gestures. These audio-induced movements, in turn, provide kinetic motions that result in percussion events, such as motors that have bells or sea shells attached to them, or wires that play wine glasses or drums as percussion objects.

The piece exists as a gallery installation that becomes an immersive kinetic audio environment that the audience can enter to experience.

Photos of installation at Galerie der Stadt Schwaz, presented by Klangspuren, Schwaz, Austria, curated by Matthias Osterwold.

┬ęGordon Monahan 2016