Collaboration with Bill Coleman, performed by Bill Coleman and Gordon Monahan

1st performance: Market Hall, Peterborough, Ontario, presented by Public Image, 2016

Dancer/choreographer Bill Coleman inhabits the experimental music installation of avant-garde composer and sound artist Gordon Monahan. Tap dancing, performance art and action intermingle with mechanical and electronically manipulated objects, handmade and found, rendering rhythms equally sonic and visual. Disruptive and surprising, Dollhouse walks a unique line of Artaudan fiction and slapstick, with the performer acting simultaneously as instrument and conductor.

Considering the situation we find ourselves in today, the visual metaphor of a man drowning in his surroundings is timely. Bill Coleman, a master performer, plays the role of modern fakir as he suffers through what at times are almost comic situations on his way to a symphonic chaos of sight and sound.

┬ęBill Coleman and Gordon Monahan 2016

photo left by Laura Kikauka