Hear and There

1st performance: Brunton Auditorium, Mount Allison University, Sackville, N.B., 1980

Two open reel tape recorders are linked together so that the first machine records a live piano on the left channel of the tape. The tape then travels approximately 5 meters to the next machine, which takes up the tape as it plays back the recorded material that was recorded on the first machine on the left channel. This material is then re-recorded onto the right channel by the first machine, and this is played back again when it reaches the second machine 5 meters away. Simple, pre-determined note patterns are played on the piano, as the sound gradually builds up on the tape because of the re-recording system. As the sound builds, the piano playing becomes much heavier, so that a ‘wall of sound’ eventually results with low-register fundamentals giving way to waves of harmonic distortions at a high volume level.

┬ęGordon Monahan 1980