Aeolian Winds Over Claybank Saskatchewan, 2006/2007

Site specific installation at the Claybank Brick Factory, Claybank, Saskatchewan, installed August, 2006 and June, 2007. Video exhibited at Neutral Ground Gallery, Regina, February, 2008.

At the Claybank Brick Factory heritage site, long piano wires were attached to a chimney and stretched across to anchorage points on neighbouring buildings. Most of these anchorage points were on the roofs of abandoned factory buildings. When you walked through these buildings, you heard the aeolian tones vibrating in the roof and interior rooms, and as you walked through the interior space, the tonal mix would change, as you passed underneath a series of piano wire anchorage points on the roof. A long string was also attached a railway car parked beside one of the buildings, causing the metal structure to vibrate intensively.

The first installation of this piece was part of Crossfiring, a multidisciplinary event taking place at Claybank Brick Factory produced by Knowhere Productions, Regina.

©Gordon Monahan 2006-2007