Articles, Interviews, Essays:

John Cage interview excerpt, Houston Public News, 1986

Miami Herald articles on the banning of Come on Baby Ride With Me, Just Like You Did One Thousand Times Before, 1988

Wolfgang Kos interview with Gordon Monahan, published in the catalog for the festival Töne und Gegentöne, at the Secession, Vienna, 1991.

Matthias Osterwold essay on Music From Nowhere, 1993

Peter Garland's essay on Sounds and the Machines That Make Them, 1993

article on New and Used Furniture Music and When It Rains, written by Gordon Monahan, 2003

Gordon Monahan interview with Michael Waterman, 2003

Music from Everywhere: the Sound Art of Gordon Monahan, essay by Jesse Stewart, 2005

Sound, Place, Space – The Immersive Sound Art of Gordon Monahan, essay by Ellen Waterman, 2007

Exclaim Magazine – Gordon Monahan profile by Nick Storring, 2009

Magenta Magazine – Gordon Monahan interview with Earl Miller, 2011

Concert and CD reviews:

Rob Johnston review, 1984

Globe and Mail, Toronto, 1986

Tagezeitung, Berlin, 1986

Village Voice, New York, 1988

Village Voice, New York, 1990

Tagespiegel, Berlin, 1997

Zitty Magazine, Berlin, 2002

Berner Zeitung, Bern, Switzerland, 2003

Daniel Wolf reviews Piano Mechanics, 2005

Revue et Corrigée, 2005

Wire, London, UK, 2006

Jazz Review, USA, 2007

Dusted Magazine, NY, 2007

Vital Weekly, the Netherlands, 2007

Art into Life, Japan, 2007

Touching Extremes, Italy, 2007

Wire, London, UK, 2008

Jazzword, 2008

Nemezis, Poland, 2009

Space Becomes the Instrument reviewed by Andrew Timar for Whole Note Magazine, Toronto, 2009

Exhibition reviews:

Theremin Pendulum review in The Argosy, student newspaper of Mt. Allison University, 2009

A Piano Listening to Itself review by Matteo Marangoni (Neural), in Networked Music Review, New York, 2011

Seeing Sound review by Gil McElroy, Espace Magazine, Montreal, 2011

Seeing Sound review by Murray Whyte, Toronto Star, 2011

Seeing Sound review by Bart Gazzola, The A Word, Saskatoon, 2012