Klang Spiel

Sound Installation on the facade of the Kammerspiele Theater, Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany, 2016

Commissioned by bonn hoeren, curated by Carsten Seiffarth.

This sound installation begins by exploring the resonance of sounding objects that are re-activated by recordings of their own sounds. Recordings of a group of four different drum-kit cymbals are processed by a computer program and redistributed back into the cymbals, so that the cymbals once again produce their naturally occurring sounds by a process of amplified retransmission. This is a process of sound extraction and reproduction using the source object of the sound as the final reproducing resonant body.

In accompaniment to this process is an ensemble of 3 mechanical “Rainsticks” that have hidden sound-producing beads and tiny steel balls in their interiors, creating a rain-sound-effect each time that a Rainstick rotates to the left or to the right. This live, kinetically-produced sound is then amplified and broadcast in abstract counterpoint to the re-resonating cymbals, achieving a spatialized sound installation that blends with the ambient soundscape of the public square in front of the theater.

©Gordon Monahan 2016

"Klang Spiel" translates into English as "Sound Play"